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Sara offers a number of intuitive and holistic packages
that can be tailor-made to suit your unique needs:

The Hero’s journey

Each and every one of us has the potential to transform into a hero. Just as Peter Parker’s radioactive spider bite results in his mutation into Spiderman, we too have the capacity to turn perceived trauma into our greatest gift. By accessing the hidden secrets that are embedded in our shadow psyche – our dark side – we’re able to break free from limiting belief systems and unleash our unimaginable potential and light. The Hero’s Journey is a five-session personal transformation course that enables you to connect with your dark side and challenges you to think in a completely new paradigm. By elevating your band of consciousness you will come to realize the magnitude of your purpose. Once you discover the almighty power of this purpose, absolutely anything you wish your life to be is possible. The power, quite literally, is in you!

per five-session course
This five-session course ends with an overnight stay during which time you will complete your self-awakening journey.
Just Journey

For those who have completed the Hero’s Journey and would like another journey experience.

per journey
This overnight stay includes apre-journey balancing ceremony.
Corporate Packages: Hero Within Community

Business is tough. Success these days is often determined by out-of-the-box thinking. How creative is your company in these financially trying times? You can stay ahead of the curve by creating a corporate culture that builds unity and trust between employer and employees. The upshot? A happy work environment where people are encouraged to grow and thrive, and a company that flourishes.

During this 11-Session programme Sara helps dissolve blocks that hold people back from reaching their true potential, resulting in fresh ideas and inspired innovation. Group work as well as individual support is provided and can be tailor-made to suit the needs of the company and its vision.

R50 000
per person
* For more comprehensive details on what the course entails and how it can benefit your company please email Sara on

Hiring new staff? Restructuring your company? Did you know you can measure someone’s capacity to do the job before appointing them? With insight into their nature you can also gauge what roles are best suited to them, aligning their sense of purpose and making them happier at work. The result? Your employees will work more efficiently. Numerology unveils the hidden truths in a person’s name. By combining someone’s date of birth with the vibration of their name, numerology is a powerful means to inform recruitment decisions and create a productive, self-motivated working environment. A win-win for all!

per two-and-a-half-hour session
includes four charts. Written reports are charged out at R4 000 per report.

* This rate is negotiable should you have more than 10 employees you wish to constellate.Please email Sara on to discuss.


Relationships in life are key. They help us learn lessons. Why, for example, have you chosen a particular partnership? Is it meant to be a romantic connection? Maybe it’s a rebound? Perhaps a business partnership? When you have a clear understanding of who you are and what you’ve learnt and accomplished through your relationships, you can gain deeper clarity into the choices you make when engaging with others.

per hour
A personal numerology reading can give you this clarity as well as great insight, saving you the most valuable commodity of all: time!
Relationship Course

Is your frequency and personal vibration in alignment with the partner you’ve attracted? Has your romantic relationship reached its sell by date, or are you ready to coax it to the next level? These questions can be answered through the ancient spiritual science of numerology. Your name and date of birth carry a strong vibration, which is a blueprint for your life’s purpose. Decoding these mysteries – your strengths, weaknesses and challenges – gives insight into what motivates you individually and as a couple.

In this half-day workshop Sara charts both partner’s numerology blueprints and offers a take-home workbook designed to give insight into your relationship –where you would like to be and what you would potentially need to shift in order to achieve this. She also examines both partner’s personal love language and demonstrates how each person’s unique personality traits can be utilised to build a fulfilling relationship.

per five-hour session(9:00am – 14:00pm)
includes four charts. Written reports are charged out at R4 000 per report.

* This rate is negotiable should you have more than 10 employees you wish to constellate. Please email Sara on to discuss.

Parent Child Connection

In these sessions Sara evaluates the relationship between you and your child by assessing the dynamics in the relationship and how these manifest as challenges and strengths. Sessions are designed to shed light on unforeseen obstacles and heal any blocks or preconceived beliefs that may be preventing you from having the family and relationships you desire.

per one-hour session

Here, Sara looks at your beliefs – why you do what you do. Belief systems are often formed in childhood. Some are so ingrained they become our norm, our reality, and flavour all aspects of our lives. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool that brings awareness and understanding to why we do what we do. It can shift a previously ‘stuck’ mindset so that you’re free to enjoy the life you truly want.

R1 500
per one-hour session
per six-session package
Play Therapy & Crystal Healing/Balancing for Children

This therapy enables communication – at various levels of development – via symbols and associations that are often filed away on an unconscious level. Through this type of therapy Sara has effectively treated bed wetting, tics and habits, anxiety and panic, low self-esteem, fears and phobias, sleep difficulties, eating disorders, ADD, exam stress, behavioral problems at school and home, and temper tantrums.

per one-hour session
per six-session package
Play Therapy/Projection Therapy for Adults

Play is powerful and Sara’s Play Therapy is beneficial for adults, too. Play enables people to reconnect with parts of themselves they may have disconnected from, supports self-discovery and highlights aptitudes that haven’t yet been realized. Sara believes there’s a renaissance happening around Play Therapy and Adult Play is making a huge comeback!

per one-hour session
Home Assessment

To facilitate this Sara visits your home at supper time to assess the family as a unit and what needs to shift in order for harmony to exist. Feedback happens within a couple of days so that an effective action plan can be put in place. The results are very rewarding.

per three-hour session

Family Package

  • Six one-hour Play Therapy sessions
  • Two one-hour Parent Child Connection/ Feedback sessions
  • One two-hour Home Assessment session

R14 500

Crystal Healing and Balancing

Sound is a form of vibrational medicine that affirms that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. A body is in a healthy state when each cell and organ vibrates in harmony with the whole being. When there is a blockage,an organ or part of the body starts vibrating out of tune with the whole creating fertile grounds for ‘dis-ease’ and resulting in some kind of illness.Sara’s Crystal Healing works by unblocking and reorganizing energy fields so that the body is brought back into vibrational alignment, supporting a healthy harmony between body and mind.

per 45-minute session
For bookings, dates and times contact Sara on 061 795 0418 or via email:
  • Services are designed to facilitate and support each individual’s self-awakening.
  • Life changes that result from the therapeutic processes listed above are the full responsibility of the participant.
  • Appointments will be confirmed when proof of payment via email is received.
  • Sessions that are not cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours prior to booked appointments will be charged for in full.

To book a session with Sara please contact her on 061 795 0418 or email

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