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S A R A  D A I T Z

Once upon a time, a young man visited a circus. As he passed the elephants he stopped. He noticed that the majestic creatures were tethered together by a flimsy rope – no chains, no cages – and wanted to know why. It was obvious they had the strength and ability to break away, but they didn’t. The elephant trainer explained: “When the elephants are young and small we use this rope to tie them together. The rope is strong enough to hold them then, but as they grow they are conditioned to believe they cannot break away so they give up trying.”

The young man was amazed. The powerful animals could break free from their bonds at any time, but because they believed they couldn’t, they were stuck, held right where they were, by one feeble rope. – Author unknown


Sara Daitz is an incredible catalyst. She identifies limiting beliefs that keep people shackled and unlocks unimaginable potential. Her key? A healthy dose of ‘mental medicine’ that helps transcend fear and facilitate enormous personal growth.
Sara’s unique therapeutic approach equips people with the tools to harness their extraordinary intrinsic power so that they can flex their spiritual and emotional muscles. Her techniques shift debilitating ideas and open up a flow of energy that nurtures endless possibilities – even trauma has the capacity to be transformed into a jewel. Qualified hypnotherapist, Play Therapist, Numerologist and Psychic Healer, Sara’s innovative views on healing have attracted much positive attention.

She is passionate about helping people realize the magnitude of their internal power and has devoted her life to this passion. She is constantly upgrading her skill set:

• A registered Hypnotherapist with the British General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
• Early Childhood Development graduate from the Centre for Creative Education
• Trained in Advanced Gestalt Play Therapy
• Intermediate and advanced Numerology practitioner
• Certified Spiritual Healer by psychic master Riaan Swiegelaar
No matter what your crisis, Sara will find a way to reach you and unleash the powerful potential that lies within. Contact Sara to make an appointment.


Sara offers a number of intuitive and holistic packages that can be tailormade to suit your unique needs:

The Hero’s journey
Each and every one of us has the potential to transform into a hero. The Hero’s Journey is a five-session personal transformation course that enables you to connect with your dark side and challenges you to think in a completely new paradigm…

Corporate Packages: Hero Within Community
During this 11-Session programme Sara helps dissolve blocks that hold people back from reaching their true potential, resulting in fresh ideas and inspired innovation.

Numerology is a powerful means to inform recruitment decisions and create a productive, self-motivated working environment.

In her 90-minute numerology session Sara looks at the magic and hidden truths in your name. Numerology is the oldest and most in- depth form of psychological profiling known to man. Your name and date of birth carry a strong vibration which is a blueprint for your life’s purpose – your strengths, weaknesses and challenges. You can gain a better understanding of what motivates you and a clearer perception of who you are through your numerological chart.

Relationship Course
Is your frequency and personal vibration in alignment with the partner you’ve attracted?..In this half-day workshop Sara charts both partner’s numerology blueprints and offers a take-home workbook designed to give insight into your relationship…

Parent Child Connection
In six 90-minute sessions she evaluates the relationship between you and your child by assesing the dynamics in the relationship and how these manifest as challenges and strengths. Sessions are designed to shed light on unforseen obstacles and heal any blocks or preconceived beliefs that may be preventing you from having the family and relationships you desire.

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Here, Sara looks at your beliefs – why you do what you do. Belief systems are often formed in childhood, and some are so ingrained they become our norm, our reality. They flavour all aspects of our lives and hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool that brings awareness and understanding to why we do what we do. It can shift a previously ‘stuck’ mindset so that you’re free to enjoy the life you truly want.

Play Therapy & Crystal Healing/Balancing for Children
This therapy enables communication – at various levels of development – via symbols and associations that are often filed away on an unconscious level. Through this type of therapy Sara has effectively treated bed wetting, tics and habits, anxiety and panic, low self-esteem, fears and phobias, sleep difficulties, exam stress, behavioral problems at school and home, and temper tantrums.

Play Therapy/Projection Therapy for Adults
Play is powerful and Sara’s Play Therapy is beneficial for adults, too. Play enables people to reconnect with parts of themselves they may have disconnected from, supports self-discovery and highlights aptitudes that haven’t yet been realized. Sara believes there’s a renaissance happening around Play Therapy and Adult Play is making a huge comeback!

Home Assessment
To facilitate this Sara visits your home at supper time to assess the family as a unit and what needs to shift in order for harmony to exist. Feedback happens within a couple of days so that an effective action plan can be put in place. The results are very rewarding.

Crystal Healing and Balancing
Sara’s Crystal Healing works by unblocking and reorganizing energy fields so that the body is brought back into vibrational alignment, supporting a healthy harmony between body and mind.


Sara’s intuitive and holistic approach was absolutely spot on for our eight-year-old son. After just one session the change in him was remarkable. Sara is a wonderful, connected soul who weaves a special kind of magic with children, and we are so grateful that we’ve had the opportunity to work with her.

– Jacqui Pells

Sara is great! She has a very caring, fun approach and connects really well with children. She provides a creative environment for kids to grow and explore solutions to challenges they may be facing, and offers fantastic feedback to parents with useful support tools to back it up. Sara has helped our son Kevin overcome fears and express himself more freely. He always looks forward to seeing her and is often in a very happy and positive frame of mind after his session. Sara’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of children is remarkable and we definitely recommend her to anyone whose child is facing challenges of any kind.

– Leigh Peiser

I can highly recommend Sara. She is awesome with kids and the results speak for themselves!

– Nina Hill

Up until two months ago my eleven-year-old son suffered from bad anxiety attacks. He was very withdrawn and scared but managed to suppress his anxiety at school. The minute he came home or found himself in an unfamiliar situation, though, he would break down. In just four of Sara’s sessions the change that took place in him was absolutely remarkable. So positive in fact that we’ve had no need for any more. Today my son is a happy, confident outgoing boy who is so much more vocal when it comes to expressing his feelings and emotions. Now and then when little insecurities do creep in he overcomes them within a couple of minutes – literally. I cannot praise Sara’s efforts enough.

– Susan Tsakiroglou

Sara has done some extraordinary work with my son by helping him with his stutter and building his confidence. In just six weeks we have seen great improvements. My son thoroughly enjoys his time with Sara and looks forward to seeing her every week. I am extremely grateful to Sara and highly recommend her as she clearly has talent in her chosen field.

– Leanne Bredenkamp

My son really enjoys his hypnotherapy sessions with Sara. I’ve noticed a number of changes as a result. He’s applying himself around the house and trying to be more helpful – he’s even started offering to make me tea! Recently I’ve seen significant changes in his attitude towards school homework, too. I am very pleased with the growth I h ave seen in him t hese last few months.

– Rose-Marie Fraser

When a long-term relationship ended suddenly, without warning, I began having debilitating panic attacks. Anything that reminded me of the relationship would trigger a slew of them. I was put onto various anxiety meds to help, but these only dumbed down the symptoms and didn’t stop the attacks altogether. After a hypnotherapy session with Sara I unexpectedly bumped into my ex at the mall. I braced myself for a massive panic attack, but it simply didn’t materialise. I am no longer on anxiety medication and have been living panic attack free for a year now, despite many encounters with my ex. Sara has also assisted me with numerology readings and energy healing, which has been very successful, too. She made me feel like I was her core focus and regaining control of my life and health was top of her agenda. She really has a natural gift.

– Cara xxx

I decided to do a hypnotherapy course and had the privilege of having Sara as one of my teachers. I soon realized the life-changing benefits of hypnosis and wanted to use the therapy to help my three- year-old son. Sara was my obvious choice. More than a year later she is still a part of our lives. The transformation in my son has been truly awesome to watch. The excitement he
shows when he knows Sara is coming is so precious. She has helped him through so much and I’m truly and utterly grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend Sara to anyone who needs help with any kind of issues – big or small. Her intuitive wisdom has certainly made parenting a little easier. She has helped me be less hard on myself and empowered more confidence in my parenting skills. I am extremely grateful for Sara’s excellent advice.

– Michell e Stevens Davids

Sara’s unique style of therapy has helped our family enormously. Intuitive, caring and a real hit with kids, I cannot recommend her highly enough! I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, and saw a psychologist and psychiatrist for about four years. I was on five different types of medication until I started my sessions with Sara. Within just a few months I was able to
wean myself off all of my medication except one type, which I’m in the process of quitting. Sara has changed my entire outlook on life. I used to have no ambition and didn’t even know what I would do the next day. She has given me a zest for life again and now I have something to look forward to. I am studying towards a totally different career, one I am passionate about. People around me are very impressed by the positive changes I’ve made. I am eternally grateful for everything Sara has done for me.

– Monique Benzien

Sara’s unique style of therapy has helped our family enormously. Intuitive, caring and a real hit with kids, cannot recommend her highly enough!

– Venessa Hadley Dace

My 11-year-old son struggled to adjust to two separate households following my divorce. Sara gave him a space where he could voice his doubts and fears openly. Through hypnotherapy she helped him refocus on his schoolwork and afforded him better coping skills to manage the changes that were happening around him. Even though the initial issues have been resolved, my son still sees Sara every second week as I feel that their sessions are incredibly beneficial to him. I intend to continue these going forward as Sara has built a strong and trusting bond with my son. Should there ever be anything he might feel he cannot broach with me, I am confident he’ll be comfortable to confide in Sara.

– Michell e Parmentier

Sara has helped my six-year-old daughter so much. Having had lots of friends and being very happy in Grade R (she used to look forward to going to school every day), I expected the start of Grade 1 to be a breeze. Unfortunately it proved to be the opposite. Dropping my daughter off every morning became a tearful tirade. As the term wore on her separation anxiety and deep unhappiness did not subside. In fact, it seemed to get worse. My daughter stopped eating and began wetting her bed, she complained of headaches and sometimes even threw up. I realised, eventually, that she was afraid of her lovely but strict teacher. I employed the help of Sara and happily my daughter is flying high these days, and goes to school without anxiety or tears. She is able to understand and reason on a much better level than before and her confidence is soaring. In addition to other methods of therapy Sara practiced a complementary technique called Bowen Therapy on my daughter to help her cope with her headaches and migraines, As a result, her headaches are down from every day (including weekends) to twice a week, and sometimes even less. I think Sara is the next best thing to a chocolate, vanilla and strawberry milkshake!

– Rafiqah Firfirey

I have two children, aged four and nine years old, and Sara has worked with both of them. We have found her fun approach to be very effective as she’s able to engage and connect with each of one of my kids appropriately according to their different age levels. My little one often asks when the “big girl” is coming to play again, “I love her!” Sara is extremely knowledgeable and combines methods that take the whole child into consideration. She has given us practical guidance, which we have been able to implement at home, making our day-today lives run more harmoniously. We also now have a deeper understanding of where our children are at in their behavioral development. Sara really has given us peace of mind as parents.

– Linda xx


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